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posted :: 07-July-2001

N: 39.47.265
W: 104.57.187
757 miles from the Man.

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* Mile-High Danger.
[06.27.01 DENVER]
Under The Dome. [BIGGER]

[DENVER, COLORADO] :: The Colorado state motto, adopted in 1861, is the Latin phrase; "Nil Sine Numine". The word "numine" means any divinity, god or goddess, and "nil sine" means "nothing without". In the early mining days of the State, the unregenerate said it meant "nothing without a new mine".

Denver, the capital of Colorado, was established in 1858, after a gold discovery on the South Platte River. Between 1870 when the first railroads arrived and 1890, it became the second most populous city in the West, second only to San Francisco. Sited on high plains at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver has a sunny, cool, dry climate, with annual rainfall averaging 13 inches.

As one of the most isolated major cities in the United States, Denver always has been obsessed with transportation. Fear of being bypassed began early when railroads and later, airlines, originally avoided Denver because of the 14,000-foot-high Rocky Mountain barrier just west of town.

Denver is a sprawling city in a state of long distances and mountainous obstacles. To tackle long distances and tough terrain, Coloradans have become auto-dependent. Denver has one of the highest per-capita motor vehicle ownership rates in the country— with an average of one licensed vehicle for every man, woman and child. In the 1990s, Denver built an outer ring of freeways that immediately became over-congested. Smog and traffic congestion are among the principal problems.

Denver is notable for a predominance of single-family housing and its brick buildings. Even in the poorest residential neighborhoods, single-family, detached housing prevails, reflecting the Western interest in "elbow room" and a spacious, relatively flat, high plains site, where sprawling growth is unimpeded by any large body of water or geographic obstacle.

[06.27.01 DENVER]
Rainbow Gathering Refugees [BIGGER]
[06.27.01 DENVER]
The Three Graces. [BIGGER]

The Silver Seed rolled into an old residential section of Denver and parked next to a small brick house, built in 1886. It was the home of Felonious Asparagus, veteran burner and performance artist. A small dome had been erected in the side yard and in the back were 3 odd trailers. One trailer carried a hand-crafted cabin, another held a functioning hot tub and the third consisted of two large steel tanks and a large-bore cannon, designed to launch pumpkins considerable distances. A contingent of burners, local characters and artists, were assembled in and around the house sharing drinks and a potluck dinner. Seated in the dome, I shared information about my travels and told many Burning Man stories. Lizard Man and other old friends dropped in during the course of the evening and I also met many new friends.

The next day, I was given a guided tour of the other Denver by Uberblonde and Ms. Terious, both of whom have a strong interest in costuming and Cacophony. We visited old buildings, non-mainstream art galleries and brick warehouses in the process of being converted to living spaces.

Denver is much like pre-dotcom San Francisco and not quite post-commute Los Angeles.

-Danger Ranger




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