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posted :: 24-June-2001

N 41.44.313
W 87.50.310
1628 miles to the Man.

KINKOS; free phone jack, coffee and air conditioning, open 24 hours a day.

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* The Silver Seed struggles through Chicago...
[06.19.01 CHICAGO]
Danger under the hood.

[CHICAGO, ILLINOIS] :: About 40 miles before Chicago, the engine began cutting out. It wasn't the loud popping and backfiring associated with an ignition problem, but the decreasing power symptom associated with a fuel-starved power plant. My mind conjured up the implanted schematics for the old-style mechanical fuel pump and I could visualize the growing tear in the rubber diaphragm, which pulled high octane gasoline from the 50 gallon tank located underneath the starboard side. I continued to push it for another 10 miles or so, trying to avoid having to call for a big tow truck. It died a couple of times, but I was able to restart by removing the air filter cover and pouring a couple of tablespoons of gas directly into the carburetor. I finally arrived at a point of highway intersections, which had enough business development in close proximity to support a self-rescue.

[06.19.01 CHICAGO]
Just limping through...

The situation was complicated by the fact that the on-board 4KW had failed right after leaving Atlanta and so I had no functioning charging system for the electronic communications equipment. After docking in a secure and comfortable location, my first expedition into the local landscape was to procure a small DC/AC converter, which would provide power for the charging systems. Then I located a live phone jack for Internet communications. Then an auto parts store. It took two days to order and then install the replacement fuel pump. Add one more day for the replacement circuit board for the 4KW to be over-nighted from the factory to the dealer in Chicago. The time that I was supposed to spend in the city was consumed mostly inside the engine compartment of the Seed. With Road Trip behind schedule again, I made a quick mid-day run into Chicago to pick up the circuit board, then I had to change direction and head for Saint Louis. A few phone calls and emails was the best that I could do for our participants here. Next year, we need to allow for more transit time

-Danger Ranger




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