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01.08.25 Saturnday

The Man rises to the occasion

Riding a crane instead of being tilted into place, the Man is going up fo
r good this time. No taking it down the day of the Burn for pyro-prep. It's already dressed to the nines with wax cloth. No gunpowder this year; all the fireworks will be in the base.

Volunteers carry the Man into position before liftoff.

Just the head remains to be placed.

Now how did I get that aerial shot? Simple: I just got a lift on the cherry picker.

That's quite a leap for me, being a longtime acrophobic. But somehow, with a camera in my hand, I managed to distract myself because I had a job to do.

Another of my demons has been faced and conquered. Another powerful experience at Burning Man.

What the perjeepers am I doing up here?

Rude Awakening
This was a day that began when I was roused from my bed by a megaphone. Yup, Scorch was at it again, before 6 AM. If I hadn't heard the word "Dragon" in my sleep, I would have just ignored it. But there was the dragon — six feet from my tent, all 4 cars. This is not the soundtrack I would have chosen for Draka's 2001 Premmier; maybe Carmina Burana or something.

I jumped on the bandwagon and participated in another party train. Draka the Dragon is on the playa once more! The tour stopped by the Komisary for breakfast, and my trip ended at the DPW camp, in time for the morning meeting.

Wait 'til you see the wings!

Silver tong on a rusted steel train.

Peri Pfeninger paints an alternate landscape into the playa for The Arena.

Wallpapers of the Day
Long Way Down
Rising to the Occasion