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01.08.24 Freyaday

My morning started when I went next door (in the middle of the street, actually) to watch Genne Giles work on her piece, Mandala. To view the piece, the participant must sit on a throne. From there, one can see all the parts of the piece lined-up.

Genne takes a spaghettios break on the throne of Mandala.

The capital of the throne.

The Temple of Wisdom — and the Man must go on top of it tomorrow.

It was time to upload some pics, so I headed out to the ranch after lunch. I overheard that Strange needed a ride to the ranch, so I saved him a seat. OK, I didn't know he was bringing his dog.

So on the way out the gate, like all DPW that need in-and-out privileges, Weezee stopped to take a picture and get her laminate pass.

Weezee gets her DPW badge.

Sign shop working until the last minute.

On the way back into Black Rock City, I was greeted at the Greeter Station (of all places). I let them go through the spiel like I was an normal person. They're handing out the first edition of Black Rock Gazette, and butt keepers.

Bex does her best impression of a Greeter.


After dinner (lucky the Komisary serves til 9), I went out to the playa to see how Flock was coming along. While there, I ran into Crimson and many of the other senior staff, all hanging out together (they can't avoid it). Then our attention was seized by Scorch, in his directionmobile, full of tourists and wielding the dreaded megaphone. He and Indigo teamed up to torment the entire city well into the wee hours.

Dinner was orange roughy, by the way.

Flock has grown to 3 times its original height.

Scorch deals the wit while driving backwards.

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