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01.08.23 Thursday

So damn close to opening.
Themecamps are driving onto site in droves. You would never guess that we don't open until sunrise on Monday.

I woke at 6 am to find that Starboy had just arrived…

…to install the SPINNIN' ANEMONE

The "Burma Shave" signs are up.
With Ladies Night happening at the Komisary, I decided to dress in drag – well something cross-gendered compared to my usual party garb.


Leaving dinner, I ran into two easy arguments. I almost escaped. The first was when I caught a lit cigarette butt in my fingers and handed it back to the owner. He protested, "Oh, but I took out the cotton part and now it's totally degradable." Tell it to the BLM.

The second was immediately after that. I ran into a bliss-bunny (Rainbow Family term for "kids" who turn up to an event, empty-handed, so everyone else can feed them). He said he hates shamans because they always try to teach him something. He arrived without water or anything to sleep in. How did he get in without a ticket? I decided to adopt him and make sure he found some way to eat, legitimately.

It's a blue fire engine! Jump on board! So we climbed on and took the tour around Center Camp. I had to mention that of all the fire trucks I've ridden this month, this was most elegant.

Nuwandart. Some sort of camp.

This is Snook's flaming Truck, in case you haven't seen it already.

At the end of this tour, we ended up at Death Guild and endured some verbal abuse delivered via megaphone by Indigo. From there, Bliss-Bunny and I walked out onto the art playa.

I got to meet Michael Christian as he worked on Flock. The piece is composed of several portions of arterial legs, which he keeps adding to the bottom of the piece as it is raised by the crane.

Placing Flock, which looks surprisingly like the original concept


Found a bliss-bunny.

They worked all night, building from the top down.
After a few nice pics, we got a ride with Phix back to the Komisary, in time to get in on the festivities. Chicks only! (or at least dudes in drag)

It's Ladies Night at the Komisary, so some adjustments must be made.


Joel survived the transformation.

I tried to baby-sit the Bliss-Bunny and keep him from begging for pot as long as I could. But eventually, he had to go find the guy that invited him [name withheld by request] and get his stuff. I pointed him in the direction of Lamplighters like he asked.

I don't think he made it because in the morning, I heard from Marcia that he woke up in her tent. She sleeps with earplugs — boy was she surprised.

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