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01.08.22 Wednesday

The Man arrives at Black Rock City

This year for the first time, the Man was built at the DPW Ranch in Nevada and only shipped 12 miles. More innovations this year. The man will stand atop a 30-foot pedestal called the Temple of Wisdom. Some have nicknamed it "the Bowling Trophy."

It was exciting to be one of the people grabbing onto the Man and helping it off the truck — sorta like pall bearers.

Incoming! A flatbed delivers the Man to Black Rock City.

Volunteers all pitch in.

Spyral and Dale resting the Man at the Temple of Wisdom.

And elsewhere…
Projects everywhere! City infrastructure, Theme art, lamplighters, people moving in — Burning Man nears rebirth!

Café construction continues.

Café's array of colored lights can be seen from the highway.

Dust storms will not delay completion of the Temple of Wisdom.

Lamp spires are standing once more in Central Camp.


…And lit for the first time!

Joel cuts signs for the BRC Department of Public Transportation.

Business as usual at the Dragon shop — burning the midnight oil.

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