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01.08.21 Tuesday

Our first DPW meeting at the on-site station. Topics: radio shortage, meals, safety, incoming throngs.

"Good Morning DPW!

Flynn's wearing his cat's-eye shades. This must be serious.
At the End of the Esplanade

Must be the base camp for the Temple of Memory

That Land Speeder car.

Power Trip
I spent the afternoon with Summer over at the Black Rock Gazette. She needed about 6 people to spend the evening putting the orientation materials together so they will be ready for the first participants through the gate. We collated a packet containing the What Where When, the city map, and a B-Man sticker into the first edition of the Black Rock Gazette.

But wait! there's no power yet. How would she coax a bunch of volunteers into a small trailer without A/C? She ran off to find someone with a radio to find out what's up with the power.

Once she was out of sight, I noticed that Phil was tilling a trench. "Planting zinnias?" I thought. Then it occurred to me that some folks were messing with the power box at the curb. In about ten minutes, they scooped open the trench, laid the cables, and filled it back in again. The power was on almost immediately.

Lance's electrical team: digging the trench…

…and placing the line.

Downtown Apartment
About 10 PM, the city was overall rather quiet. I decided to rest up now for the weeks ahead. Good thing I took some time today to organize my chattels. I managed to get all my costumes and junk into the one 5 x 7 tent, and still have room to sleep. The tent I intended to sleep in behaved ridiculously in the wind, falling almost flat. I put it out of its misery and flattened the poles.

A cozy evening in center camp.

Wallpapers of the Day
Café Sunset