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01.08.19 Sunday

Playa living
So! This is the playa? I've been waiting so long. But it's not Burning Man yet. One week left — but I feel like it's already happening. There are street signs and occupants, but something is missing: I know absolutely everyone here, so there's no opportunity for "kindness of strangers."

While Ginger and I were setting up her tent, she recalled her arrival in '99. She said she rolled into town about 8:30 and the guys in the next camp offered to help her set up her tent before dark. I must remember to be that kind stranger when others arrive.

Really, People!

bikes: all systems GO

Mini dune

The good stuff
Artist Working
Just beyond the Man, another age begins: the Temple of Memory project by David Best and Jack Haye is under way.

Tons of Dinosaur Puzzle negatives to be recycled into the Temple of Memory.

Placing a panel into the giant canopy

Ark of the covenant?

Don't take a space in Center Camp Ring unless you are prepared to sleep through 24-7 construction — not just the machine racket, but the aircraft landing lights aimed at my tent. Life in the big city!

In the daytime, it looks a bit like Woodhenge.

Wallpapers of the Day
White Mountain