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01.08.18 Is it really Saturday?

First breakfast meeting in Black Rock City.

Komisary now in Black Rock City

I dressed in white, white for the playa. I'm gonna spend the day moving down to BRC. I'll tell you if anything interesting happens.

Wallpapers of the Day
The sun also rises.

Sunrise on the old Beach Club

Captain's Log
Stardate 01.08.18-Suplimental

I've landed on the playa. But am I really here yet? Sure, I have more stuff to move, but when will that feeling of being at Burning Man come?

Jesse demonstrates the method of lighting a cigarette in high winds.

What's this?

Party on the Playa

It's some sort of abomination, to be torched by Winnemucca Dave.

Craig and Sandwich fear no lens.

Fire spinners are ubiquitous, but this time Crimson was conducting the symphony.

Skitch and his drum set flambé.

Suicidal Bunnies played on the base of the Man. (I can't say who it was this time)

Cammy and Gwen of APOX

It's not all about fire. Here's some LED twirlers.

Piloting the Observer, Eli broadcasts sound effects from his laptop, while Open exemplifies verbal abuse through the P.A.
(It was, after all, un-PC night.)

More Wallpapers of the Day
funky clouds 1
funky clouds 2
sun pierces the dust