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01.08.17 Moving Friday

This is it! This is our last day at the ranch. Some key people explained some vital issues that begin when we arrive on site.

Flynn conducts the roll call.

Crimson shows us the new art placement markers.

Catfish Mike explains the meal ticket plan.
It's like summer camp —the way you get to see all your classmates in a different environment. Everyone I work with at the BMan HQ is now on location.

Holly's here, and so is Holly's hair.

Lights, camera, ActionGirl!

Who's the guy in the baseball cap with Ruth? (the third-world shirt is a clue)

Danger Ranger and Dusty

And in the "Clever" section

The Jawas are in town — don't buy any used droids!

Kevin's van — apparently submarine-capable with observation bubble.

Craig saves time by doing laundry in the shower.

We had our last meal together at the ranch, and our last knockout sunset in the sage.

Enjoying the sunset from atop the wind generator box

When I leave the ranch house at night, it's so dark I can't see the ground. It gets kinda spooky sometimes. Even stranger is going to the shower at midnight. I bounce my headlights off the wall as a light source. Tee wind blows. It tells you how far away you are from the next human.

I wonder if I'll even be able to use the showers when we go on site.

Wallpapers of the Day
Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3

My second monitor 'didn't wake up' when I booted up this morning. Victim of the dust? Here's a tribute to dual displays.

Wallpaper Left Wallpaper Right