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01.08.16 Thirzday

Watch your ass! The camp is pretty crowded — over budget even. The gene pool will now be chlorinated. The next eviction could be YOU.

At least no one has been fired at gunpoint lately. Let's look at this morning's pics.

Dusty found this artifact and declared it as "Definitely DPW. Who else would combine a cigarette and a bullet into a handy mini-ashtray."

Boris, still marked by last evening.

We got rules here! These policies are posted over the trash cans.

An assembly line for dead-animal food. "We eat meat here!"
, says the DPW Manual.

I had some time and decided to do a dish shift.

The glove is on again.

It's a good day to dye!

At last! the correct shade of pillerbox.

Hair appointment
Right on schedule, Foxy (formerly Benita) arrived early at the ranch house and caught me in the middle of geeking out. I was a little dopey from staring at the monitor — I go into alpha waves or something and come out bitchy. But she had all the materials in hand so we began the process. Yes, the covering of that bleach blonde is way overdue.

The idea was to be Fabulous Flame all over, except for Pillerbox Red tips (or was it the other way around?). So we spent some time trying to guess at what the colors would look like, based on the appearance of the dye.

We decided to just do one color fully and then do the tips after the first color was rinsed and dried. During that process, someone knocked and entered the ranch house. He was inquiring about the showers. "Nope. Back down the road; the orange trailer." I said. Once he left, Foxy added "Obviously a Neophyte; he thinks the showers are indoors!"

Then we went outside to see how the color was doing in the sun light. That's when a truck drove down the lane. He was getting an eyeful of Burning Man: topless with fresh red hair dye. Time to rinse and see... Eek! too pink! Do-overs!

So I worked on my journal some more before she came back for the second color. We apply the pillerbox red. We chatted about event plans and we gossiped about boys and soon, the second color was done. "Well maybe there's a reason you're not getting laid. It's the playa and everything happens for a reason."


It's the Javascript thing: it's been quite elusive. But I finally reverse engineered the "back-next" script to do my "yesterday-tomorrow" bidding. I just didn't know I had cracked it because the upload keeps failing, so I'm never sure the files on the server are the last ones I modified.

I was consulting Greg when I found that I was smarter than I thought, and that the problem was already solved. That was after 11.

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