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01.08.15 Wenzday

A relatively issue-free day
My Internet connection was glitch-free. I caught up with the daily postings. I'm still trying to engineer a javascript for the "yesterday-tomorrow" links so I don't have to do them by hand every time I post.

My computer is set up in the ranch house, which is also the sign shop.

Laura pulls the negatives off of the vinyl sign transfers.

Why is Shaman putting on gloves?

…to turn Benita blonde for the long-awaited punk color.

Why is Kevin bothering to wash his van?

…to slap on the Official DPW Seal
It was an excellent night to break in some new fire barrel designs. These models have stove pipes and hatches on the front. It was a gala event, complete with propane musical performance.

Steel and flame — our favorite art materials

I love multipurpose inventions! Skitch plays his flaming xylophone.

While in the metal shop, be sure to take advantage of the body paints (welding chalk).

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