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01.08.14 Tuesday

The final day of the fence
"If you ain't fence, You ain't shit." Way to recruit a team, Carl!

One last day of twine and spilled water jugs. Just as well; someone filled the coolers with bleach water from the dishwashing station.

We finally got to the end of infinity.

We were all bushed, so Nakaia drove us home.

On the way home from the ranch house, I stopped by the Dragon shop, just to play with the light of the arc in the camera. Boris had just discovered a scorpion — the big kind.

When I got back to the Beach Club, Catfish Mike, Cowboy Bob were singing folk songs by the fire... OK maybe it was acoustic punk. Eli was playing mad scientist; building a 'Jacob's ladder' out of an old neon ballast he found in the bone yard.

Typical late evening at the dragon shop.

Pick anything off the ground and you'll find a scorpion under it.

The blue flicker of the arc welder caught my eye once more.

Time to start cleaning out the trailer..

Eli plays with electricity.
I've been staying in Maid Marian's guest trailer. It's very homey. That's the problem; I have to move out this Saturday for the next guest on the playa.

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