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01.08.13 Monday

This is the week of the big move. The DPW camp will now occupy Black Rock City. Komisary trailer will move down to the playa this Thursday.

Brush f ire danger is high. It's illegal to smoke outside your car on public land.

Work day
I spent another day out on fence crew. We just keep in going like the Energizer bunny. Same stuff happens day after day; The water jugs spilled over in the bus again. But I got a little sentimental when I saw that the street signs are all up.

During a break, I found the most fine playa powder had settled in the hub of the bus wheel. Good stuff for body paint.

My first playa yoga and first playa body paint for 2001.

Café burn barrels in dress rehearsal at the Komisary. It gets pretty hot and you have to toss the plates in from a distance.

Indigo twirls fire (sans flames).

Lamest Wallpaper of the Day