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01.08.12 Sunday

Faces of Death — While I stand bloaty-faced, Kevin inflicts his fluorescent red wardrobe on an unsuspecting breakfast crowd.

A general hangover was in force. The breakfast siren went off 3 times. This was the first Sunday on regular work day schedule.

Mr. Klean's morning announcements: "Here's to Margarita night! The moonlight was staggering — and we're still staggering!"

Roll call was rough.

Fence Crew
My first day out working with Carl. Soaking up homespun wisdom and building the fence that catches all the renegade trash on the wind.

Here's how to put up a trash fence: stake snow fence post along the perimeter. Run the twine from pole to pole. Tie down fence at the posts. Tie the fence to the twine in 4 column between each post. Leave 1 foot of slack at the bottom to work as a scoop.

When we arrived on the playa, a thunderstorm threatened from the surrounding hills. But the sky soon opened up and bathed us in dry breezy sunshine between the clouds.


Eli drives the bus to the site.

Ginger shows how you tape your hand to protect it from chafing by the fencing twine.

Close-up if the mirror.

—And what it looks like at the end of the day.

The perfect hat for an electrical storm.

Boris — why just stand around when you can flirt with the camera?

What begins with an F and ends with a U-C-K, and makes a lot of noise?

I was reading tarot for Rosanna when we were interrupted by a not-so-familiar sound. That is, it was a siren, but none of our own sirens. Someone shouted "Oh shit, it's a fire engine."

That means news, so I grabbed my camera, thinking some fire department was about to hassle us. I went up on the First Camp deck to see what was the ruckus.

As it turns out, 3 vehicles were coming in the front gate, and one was a fire engine — loaded with mattresses. It seems Rivka found a theme camp arriving early with the red eye-popper, and insisted on navigating it back to the ranch.

Well, you can't just pop-in with a siren and not expect competition. Soon, the bucket arrived, and Tom's white pumper truck — all roaring away, and even the dinner siren got into the act.

Soon they were all parading about the campus.

"This is not Burning Man, this is a work camp!" Mr. Klean was pissed off. "NO Parades, NO Sirens!"


Grinning like the cat that got the canary, Rivka rolls in with the evidence.

Thomas in hot pursuit of the newcomer, himself in the Farmington Pumper.

"The Bucket" our final entry in the Siren Parade, piloted by Roger and Robbie.
When all the din was over, I continued the tarot reading and even got to practice playing my koto, and letting it sing in the wind. You should hear this haunting sound some time.

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