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01.08.10 Friday

Danger Ranger paid us a visit and handed out the new Survival Guide. Cowboy Carl put together a crew and began construction of the perimeter fence. "I collect enough boa feathers out of that fence to rebuild 50 chickens every day", says Carl.

Bugs! Just try to sleep in the day with all the flies. They love the Komisary because there's always a hint of dampness for them to drink. Can't wait for life on the lifeless playa! The temperature has been 104 in my trailer, but much tamer on the playa with a breeze. It was 66 degrees in my trailer at 1 am.

Someone designed this sexy fly trap.

Insects on the brain. I found this indigo wasp in the windowsill

Anyone who has arrived in the last week knows me as someone who wears jeans and a cowboy hat. This reputation must be put to rest. I decided to bring out Dren.

I took Dren to the Beach Club to meet the guys. Not much reaction at first. Not really the place for it. But after a while, everyone started to remember that it's a party — and every party is a costume party. Mr. Klean said, "Look guys, we don't need San Francisco, we've got everything we need right here!"

Then belly dancing music came on the radio (KDPW is that kind of radio station). And Dren began dancing — shaking the belt of coins.

I strolled over to the Dragon shop and Craig knew it was time for a photo session. I posed for about an hour (I mean Dren posed).


Photos of Dren by Craig Morse.
It must have been midnight when I heard the Star Wars theme echoing off the hills. IT was coming from the Dragon shop so I had to go over again and see the firedancing.

El Mano swings it.

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