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01.08.09 Thursday

Birthdays, scorpions, thunder storms, brush fires and heavy equipment. Just another day on the Hualapai Playa.

By 10 am, I was fed up with the random power supply at the ranch house. Each time the generator takes a nap, it means another chance at frying the hard drive. So I stormed out and made a B-line for Reno to get a battery back-up. You know, any expedition to Reno is an 8-Hour tour. So I made sure to get hair dye at the mall and some personal reserve snacks. Writing goes so much better with chips.

By the time I got back, electrical storms were conducting an unfriendly takeover of Black Rock. After dinner, we discovered that one of those lightning bolts started a fire in the mountains over Garret Ranch. Sunset was once again fabulous with the cherry red accents added by the smoke. We completed the evening watching the lightning effects from the First Camp deck. "Look what's on the overhead channel tonight"

Oh, and we passed the BLM inspection!

Found a new camp member in the Free Clothing Box

Rain on the windshield — for ten minutes

Happy B-Day Benita!

Storage lockers moving out

Rolling whiteout engulfs the playa.

Smoky skies

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