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01.08.08 Wednesday

With 130+ volunteers on the site, there is no longer enough time to assign jobs during roll call. The jobs are now posted on the announcement board. We just do roll call to get a head count for the kitchen. We're full. That's all the volunteers we can cope with in any reasonable fashion.  OK, we still need a plumber and an electrician, and an RV specialist (call Kat for details)

The new job board is read by those in red.

Margaret cuts scales for the Dragon

Fire drum design

—and the result

Portable offices "And they're all made out of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the same"

Here's the drill: go to the core of the '98 event site, throw a stick, plot an area 100 ft x 3/4 mile in the direction of the stick, walk the sample with 20 people arm-to-arm and collect sample MOOP.

The density of the jetsam will determine our eligibility for the 2001 permit.

Coyote casts the stick that will determine where the sample area begins.

Mr. Klean and our BLM buddy Mike Bilbo walk the sample sector with ziplocks in hand.

Joey from the BLM attempts to identify a MOOP.

Finally! Rivka finds her marbles —and adds them to the count.

What's this?

Wallpaper of the Day