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01.08.07 Tuesday

I went out on survey team again with Rivka to complete yesterday's job. It's so nice to ride on the SUV bumper beween the intersections and feel the wind in my hair. By 5 pm, we had found the end of Oblivion [street] and broke for a soak at Frog Pond (Garret Ranch). The new pool was open, but so murky none of us would try it.

Still life with flags.

Survey Team uniforms [edited for television]
It's hot. It's 10pm and I'm sticky and sick of the bugs on the computer screen. If there were just a lamp in here, the bugs would have some other distraction. When there's 3 bugs, I keep picking them off the screen. When there's 7 bugs, it's time to give up and go to bed.

Wallpaper of the Day