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01.08.06 Monday

My day started at the computer, fighting the flies in the ranch house. I fabricated a shield from my Hare Krishna scarf.

After lunch, I was drafted into Rivka's survey team to mark intersections. Sendo, Gypsy and I would find the flag that marks the center of the intersection, then plot out the 4 corners using a triangle of cable. Clothing doesn't last long on the playa, even when working. I managed to take one pic before I lost my trousers.

Plotting intersections in the north half of Black Rock City.

Hank delivers popsicles to survey teams on the playa.

Suitable clothing for fly-fested computer work.

Nakaia begins her career in modeling.

"Scorch" still recovering from Saturday night.

That evening, the beach club seemed a little quiet. That's when I realized that our population was now so great that we no longer all congregate at the "center camp", but we now disperse our gatherings into intimate "theme camps." I got on my bike and cruised around to see what's up.

I found a village at the end of the road where a new wet bar was being inaugurated. I found a bunch of the "old schoolers" living it up like a weekend. The countertop was strewn with candles and Kat was rolling a ball of the molten wax. Gypsy had the clippers out and was giving Davis a post-apocalyptic makeover.

That's a whole new ball of wax Kat has created.

Another DPW haircut under the moonlight.

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