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01.08.04 Saturday

While working at the Dragon shop I met Gary Mann, a sign painter from Venice CA, and the designer of Interactive Love. "Well of course I'm not going to build it myself! That would be egotistical." I hope he gets the volunteers he needs. He also creates all the hand painted signs at Burning Man and here at the ranch.

I met Gary Mann, designer of Interactive Love

KDPW is probably not the first all-MP3 radio station.

…And Ranchdog met Evita. [Do not adjust your monitor, the dog is blue and she knows it!]

Flame On!
The sun sets and Saturday night begins. I decided to set up a portrait studio in front of the sunset, but I couldn't get the camera to sync up with my studio flash.

Fernley Electric was here, and probably everyone else within a 50-mile range. Strange faces everywhere. I was starting to feel the impact of our growth. Alienation and all that. Who were all these locals and their wives even?

One party came in with Winnemucca Dave — and a 40-foot fire cannon. Matao decided he could cross the path of the flame before the cannon went off. That's how he got his new name, Scorch.

Meanwhile, Boris was casually spinning his fire chains and toasting his pants, or anyone else who got too close.

The best part was when Suicidal Bunnies broke through the stage.

Fire cannon, conveniently mounted on the back of a pickup.

Fernley Electric's Fleet of ATVs

Boris hungers for fire, but has enough to give away.

El Mano readies his baton.

Matao receives his new name, and a little medical attention.

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