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01.08.03 Fryeday

Bizzy-bizzy-bizzy! What a busy day! So much to see, so much to photograph. Dragon shop keeps firing away with the torches. The new kitchen trailer arrived as Tanya takes over the Komisary.

Susan — member of the Dirty Fingernails Media Team.

Tom torches triangles for terrific trailers.

Dark Angel cutting the fabulous scales from ordinary barrels.

Meanwhile, back at the Komisary…

Two fingers and a determined look are all Kevin needs to compose poetry on the old Smith-Corona.

So Nakaia tries her hand at it.

A full house at the Komisary.

The literal metal box we used to call a kitchen.

Now, that's a kitchen! Tanya greets the new arrival.

And starts unpacking.

And still, "Like, what's with the kiddie portions?"
Dog Day Afternoon
Burning Man discourages canines, but there sure are a fuck of a lot of them at the ranch. Geeze! They're almost all black and they're all over the place. I must have photographed all of these in a 12 minute period at the Komisary. But strangely, they're all pretty well mannered when they're not fighting.

Ranch Dog ("Go Home!")

Little Mama



Holy Dogshit! Here comes another! Looks like Jack Skellington.


Just one more.

Bunnies Party Tonight
Another weekend and Suicidal Bunnies is still going strong.

A warm night under the full moon. Just one moon until the man burns.

Phil and Kevin fan the flames as night falls.

Ruth wears the famous emblem. I still haven't gotten mine.

This week's Su-Bunnies include Cornbread Pete and Melissa.

Pretty nice, huh? Thank the brush fires.

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