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01.07.31 Tuesday

Yes! coming closer to technical reality in Hooterville. I've finally got 2-way email, and the journal is almost up. After doing the breakfast dishes (only 1 hour of work this time), I spent the first half of the day getting the ethernet cable to reach the back of my 'puter in its new position — on a desk. All I had to do was to trace the cable across the dirt lot into the other building where the extra yardage was coiled up next to the door. I pulled it through and now it reaches. But I'm still suspicious of the durability of a cat-5 which has been stripped and spliced with the wires twisted and left bare. Yes, when the bare wires touch it kinda messes up the connexion. I guess the alkali dust should corrode the bare wires so they don't short out.

Otherwise, I spent the day catching up with this journal and moving my event supplies into a new tent. Oh, and I also took some time before dinner to condition and comb out my hair — taking a break from the satin twists for a few days.

Holy techno-utopia! I've discovered an Internet connection here on the farm. So I can now post the journal without the extra 30 minute drive to Gerlach. Let's see if this works.

Ranch House (a dust-free environment)


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