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01.07.30 Monday

With no daylight to set up the new tent, I crawled into the back room of the office trailer and crashed for the night. Instead of waking to a hot tent, I awoke to the breakfast bell and gray skies outside. After breakfast, the work teams are chosen.

I went out for a half day on the playa again; more cleanup, but under a partly cloudy sky today. Windy as heck — windy as 1999!

Wonderful MOOP! (Matter Out Of Place) I spent a half hour walking a 50 x 50 space like a plow. I collected about 40 rusty nuts. That'll make a fine MOOP necklace. I'm still the only one working nekkid — filling in my tan lines in time for the event.



After lunch back at the ranch, a few of us performed a military housecleaning assault. Here we see volunteers vacuuming during a dust storm.

With so many new folks, Monday night wasn't as tame as an ordinary work night. There were about 20 people gathered around the fire as Maid Marian composed the latest issue of Jack Rabbit Speaks.


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