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01.07.28 Saturday

It's happening! New faces are pouring in from all over. About 10 new people turned up for breakfast. I'm looking out the window and I see nothing but dust. The siren is ringing by force of the wind alone.  Shades of Wizard of Oz. I better go check my tent.


Yup, the tent is thrashed. The rain fly ripped out of the straps where I sewed it. I reset the fallen poles to find that the front door has been ripped out and the walls pulled up from the floor panel. Fuck! Totaled. Homeless again.


Back at the Komisary, the hot air hangs to the tune of Suzie's folk singing.  Excellent atmosphere for pain of minor defeat.

For 2 days now, the sky has been brown with smoke from a distant brush fire. Smells a little sweet like sage. The sunsets continue to become more and more stunning.  Maybe the smoke will seed the clouds and bring rain to harden the playa floor.

The whole camp is going out to Frog Pond again tonight. This time, we'll go after dinner.  That will save us from the potential mess on the floor of the bus. Yes, last time the unexpected bumps sent the leftover beef stew flying — all over the floor and all over Hazmat's back.

I'm losing the concept of weekends again. I'm just starting to regain the concept of personal time. Seems everything is done in groups so you never have to think about what to do next. Sorta like the military or something.

An impromptu performance broke out with random musicians. The audience dubbed the band "Suicidal Bunnies" based on the T-shirt stencil Ada made today.

Three lead singers of Suicidal Bunnies

The famous SB hand signal with the wiggling ears.

Monkey on drums.
Here Ada models her "Suicidal Bunnies" T-shirt designs, inpired by the Kamikaze Jackrabbits in these here parts.

Look at Kevin's socks!

Letting my hair down in the crowd

Wallpaper of the Day