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How did I get here?

It was Memorial Day weekend when I first found my way to "80 Acres", the DPW Work Ranch.  After seeing Susan Barron's documentary "Working for the Man", I knew I had to get out to the Playa sometime — before the event.  I got a ride out for the major volunteer playa cleanup.  Because I was recovering from a broken hip, I couldn't commit to anything more strenuous than kitchen help, but I did get out for one playa sweep, and I got acquainted with several hot springs.

I cautiously inserted myself into an atmosphere of carpenters and carny-types but it was actually more like a mini-Burning Man.  I found myself surrounded by all the regular freaks from San Fran.  I joined Sid in the kitchen ("the Cholesterol King"), and once I found some canned and fresh green stuff, I morphed his meat-and-potatoes ranch feed into a varied menu that even the Vegans enjoyed.  

My second trip was for Fourth of JuPlaya.  I took a chance on a one-way ride, hoping to get back to SF in time to take care of bills.  I worked mostly in the Komisary again.  When I missed the first ride out, Maid Marian asked me if I wanted to stay through the event.  

OK, so I was struggling to find Internet jobs during the Internet crash, and still couch-surfing.  I missed my hot LA summers.  I wanted to explore the playa.  I needed to do something three-dimensional, for goddess sake.  I was ready to dive in.  Kind of a no-brainer.  

It took me 14 days to get my life ironed out back in SF and pack for 3 months of camping at the ranch, plus photo and computer equipment, plus all my costumes, make-up and musical instruments to take to Burning Man.  I crammed it all into the blue Volvo and left cell phones and SUV's behind.  

Watch me now as I rejoin the hardest workers in show business and live to tell the tale.  

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