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posted :: 13-June-2001

N 33.43.215
W 84.25.373
1966 miles to the Man.

"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"
— Joan Baez,
Lyrics — J.R.Robertson

'"Beyond Good & Evil" — The Cult.
Ria's Bluebird Cafe
Memorial Drive.

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* Deep in the Heart of Dixie...
[06.09.01 ATLANTA]
Art abounds [BIGGER]

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] :: During the Civil War, General Sherman's Union Army marched through the South and burned Atlanta to the ground. It has a colorful history. It's blue and grey and black and white and the Georgia soil is red.

The Silver Seed pulled out of Houston just before the flood. Driving through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama against a heavy sheet of rain that put 40 inches of water on the ground within 2 days was difficult enough, but add to that… a dead alternator, a flat tire and a leak in the roof that soaked everything except the electronic hardware sealed in plastic bags. The bag trick works well for the playa dust and it works well for the rain.

[08.20.00 BLACK ROCK] Charlie & Syd created the burning HEARTH sculpture for Burning Man 2000. [BIGGER]

I finally docked in Atlanta and it was appropriate that I found refuge at the home of one of the artists who helped create the HEARTH, a gigantic wood-burning heart that made it's first appearance at Burning Man 2000. After arriving, I covered the Seed with a large plastic tarp to shed the water until repairs could be made and then spent the next couple of days visiting an incredible community of artists and burners.

Atlanta has a plethora of old buildings and in spite of the increasing loft conversions, there are lots of low cost spaces available. Old brick buildings line the main North/South railroad which cuts through town, bearing the weight of a dozen trains a day. In Atlanta, there is considerable patron support coming from public institutions, commercial businesses, private individuals and even artists supporting and collaborating with each other. It's the home of CNN and Mindspring/Earthlink. Here you will find technology, history and art. It is a personal place with deep roots. You can go to a gallery opening and talk about art, pickup trucks, guns and dogs. It is also a very neighborly place. The ads in the yellow pages are filled with people's faces. It's a southern thang.

[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Fire performance at Ria's.

With the afternoon sun finally peeking through the clouds, I once again find myself riding in a vehicle with tanks of pressurized gas, but this time, the 340 pounds of liquid propane is securely strapped in place. Our destination was Ria's Bluebird Café, where we would set up some burning art for an evening party. The café is a work of art in itself, the food is excellent and it sits across the street from the old cemetery, where Grant's Tomb is located. An order to go and a climb over the wall, provides wonderful grave-side dining in a shady grove of trees. The next couple of days were filled with various gatherings, tours of artist studios, exploring abandoned buildings, attending art openings, bicycling old streets, and having conversations in funky cafes. Atlanta is burning.

We are the fire of life and we thirst for the living waters. Burn brightly and drink deeply. The day will come when we are all gone with the wind.

-Danger Ranger


[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Corrina, what's in that cylinder? [BIGGER]
[06.11.01 ATLANTA]
Zack and Rock
[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Charlie builds a fire.

^ Left to right: Corrina is the talented blacksmith who runs the Phoenix Metalworks. Zack is going to balance an 11-ton rock on the playa at Burning Man 2001. Charlie fires up a sculpture called "Paeleo" at the West End Facility.

[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Katy. [BIGGER]
[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Jeff & Lisa. [BIGGER]

^ Left, Katy's beautiful hand-made paper finds it's way into various art projects. Right, Jeff forges propane-burning works of art. Lisa created B-Complex, a nurturing warehouse enviroment for artists.

[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Love. [BIGGER]
[06.11.01 ATLANTA]
Renee's art
[06.10.01 ATLANTA]
Jeff's "Burning Buda".

^ Left to right: Atlanta is for lovers and Black Rock was their testing ground. The Silver Seed time-warped into 1970's Atlanta. "Burning Buda" a piece created by Jeff at the Loy Studio in the B-complex.

[06.13.01 ATLANTA]
God's Army. [BIGGER]

<-- The most scary thing in Atlanta was this black bus operated by one of the local rescue missions. The front end was painted with yellow hot-rod flames and it was driving around down town picking up black homeless people. The only white person on the bus was the driver, a neatly dressed young man, who looked like he was a member of Heaven's Gate or People's Temple. Ride a black horse and fear no evil. Fear God's Army.

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