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posted :: 24-May-2001

N 32.06.884
W 109.55.344
789 miles to Burning Man.

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Entering the VORTEX:
* A burner drops mysteriously out of the blue,
* Rattlesnake reverie leads down to Cochise...
[05.20.01 I-10 East]
Eric— Man in Black [BIGGER]

[COCHISE, ARIZONA] :: About 70 miles east of Tucson, the Silver Seed felt a tugging off to the right. For miles, I had passed billboards proclaiming a cheesy tourist trap called The Thing. It was one of those Mystery Spot draws to get you to stop and buy something. I ignored my resistance to commerce and pulled in anyway. The place was an old Stuckeys, now owned by Bowlins of the 'Running Indian' chain, which used to sell genuine Indian jewelry, dolls and moccasins, which were actually made in factories in Mexico. Inside, I was standing at a glass display case, looking at rattlesnake skin wallets and thinking about my grandfather's collection of rattlers, which I gave to an hispanic artist in San Francisco a few months ago. She was creating a white silk dress to honor her mother. It would be decorated with Mayan symbols and the rattlers would be sewn along the bottom edge. I heard a voice behind me… "Danger Ranger?"… I turned around to see a young man, all in black. There was a look of familiarity about this MIB. Then he said, "Burning Man, 1996. I just passed you on the highway, and I knew you were going to stop here." I pondered the synchronicity of it all. His name was Eric, and we had met briefly at the '96 event. I then told him of my mission to cross the country and connect with the dispersed community of Burning Man. He is going to join us at the Austin burn. We talked for a while and then said good-bye. Instead of continuing east towards Roswell, I turned south on a narrow road and drove for several miles until I arrived at tiny place called Cochise.

[05.20.01 COCHISE, AZ]
The old Cochise Hotel and General Store [BIGGER]

Just south of here is the Dragoon Range, where Cochise and a band of Chiricahua Apaches took refuge in the 1860’s, after he was falsely accused of kidnapping a white child. They held off the U.S. Army for 12 years before he declared peace and was taken to a reservation.

"Nobody wants peace more than I do. Why shut me up on a reservation? We will make peace; we will keep it faithfully. But let us go around free as Americans do. Let us go wherever we please." -Cochise

Cochise was named after the oak tree... never photographed... died on the reservation... it's said his people buried him somewhere at his old stronghold and ran horses up and down the canyon so no one would find him.

Some day, Danger will return to the Cochise Stronghold, build a sweatlodge and do the Ghost Dance...

-Danger Ranger




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