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posted :: 18-May-2001

N 37.29.933
W 117.11.030
Elevation 5104
250 miles to Burning Man

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"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast."

— the Red Queen, Through the Looking Glass.

"Always Open"

[GOLDFIELD TO LAS VEGAS] :: Inside the skull of a modern human is a brain designed for hunting and gathering in small groups on the African savanna. It is now May, 2001 and we find ourselves in Nevada, thousands of years later, playing an old game with the same brain. Food and shelter, gold and silver, gambling and prostitution, money and power..

Burning Man is a new game with a new brain. Rather than Machiavellian intelligence, which is highly developed in apes, it is courtship intelligence that is responsible for the growth of the human neocortex. This mental maze is the central flowering of the garden of Eros, spiraling inward as the circle is to the center orgasm. We are the product of sexual selection rather than natural selection and only we can provide the necessary challenge to make the next leap of evolution. It's the game of Dionysus. The first card played is the nubile vessel bearer, the champion of desire. The second card is the radiant balance of reality. The third card is the maze of unfolding self-discovery.

'Car Wheels on
a Gravel Road'
— Lucinda Williams.
'The Red Queen — Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature'
by Matt Ridley.

After an escorted tour of the Cottontail Ranch, I was given a two-page menu. My selection was none of the above. No money would change hands. I was an emissary on official business. Instead, I told her about the man who burns and about that night long ago on a beach at the end of the land where the sun sets into the water and about love lost and a broken heart and about the long journey and finding the black rock in a barren place where nothing exists but us and how we become one.

*  Evolution is a process that pulls itself up by its bootstraps.
*    Be different.
*      Eroticize intelligence.

She is coming.

-Danger Ranger



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