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Danger Ranger is the legendary protector of our desert society.

Some say he's the seventh son born of the scion of a seventh son. Others claim he possesses near borderline supernatural powers, including the ability to bi-locate and appear at two places simultaneously. This seems plausible, given his penchant for pervading the playa.

In 1992 he founded the Black Rock Rangers, an institution patterned on the Texas Rangers and their historic role as guardians of a dispersed frontier society.

Danger is known variously as M2, Michael Michael, and "The Mystic Shaman Cowboy". He joined the Project in 1990 and serves as one of its spiritual leaders. In addition, he functions as the guiding light of San Francisco's famous Cacophony Society— "a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in pursuit of experience beyond the mainstream." He has a strong interest in the mysteries of time, space and consciousness along with an engineering systems background in computers and robotics. His wide range of experiences includes having been a combat veteran in Vietnam and a federal fugitive in the United States. Other past activities include involvement with the machine performance group Survival Research Laboratories and several underground culture jamming organizations.

Throughout the year, Danger Ranger lends his guidance and wisdom to navigate Burning Man into the future. His official title is Director of Genetic Programming and he performs his best work at 3 AM.

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